Diary masa lalu

Collect all the energy of world tonight, convert it to the new spirit of soul for tomorrow . . . .

Labeling face with smile, plant word on my brain the "LA HAULA WA LA QUWWATA ILA BILLAHIL ALIYYIL ADZIM"

Thank ALLAH has gived breath till today
Thank EMAK has deliver me to this world
Thank BAPAK has give experience
Thank RAFI's mother has supported my school till I work
Thank 34 has supported along at jakarta
Thank NAYLA's mother for the quote everyday
Thank ARY EN INUL's mother for the lunch after I back home along senior high school
Thank mr.ndilet for the guarding EMAK EN BAPAK
Thank to [alm]Hj. SIMPEN for the all of your giving. Hope of me, ALLAH bless you, and give a beautiest smile in heaven over there. AMIN YA RABB
Thank all big family of NYI KANA . . .

Thank All my teacher
SD : Imbar, mud, ida, slamet, jainuri, [alm]so'im,etc . . .
SMP : Dewi, Sae'an, kun, yasin, yayuk,etc . . .
SMA : hernawan, suyono, sam'un, kristiwi, etc

not forget:

My friend :
boy : sugeng, bayu, ary, gatot, khusnul, galih, fatkur, bagus fajar, etc . . . .
girl : lis, vivin, ayu, prima, mono, rintias

my best memorian :
1st : Eka cahyani [not come true]
2nd : Lailia hanum
3th : Dwi ayu amalia
other, Dewi, rindi, nisak,


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